About Us

Inango Investments Private Limited was established in Lusaka, Zambia in July 2020 by a team of highly experienced professionals with great passion for the courier industry and customer-centric service, with a view of meeting the logistics needs of businesses and consumers throughout Zambia.

Inango Investments is on the continual pursuit for improvement and optimization that is fundamental to the company’s own culture and values. With our strategic drivers we enhance and strengthen our commitment to ou customers. We offer our customers cutting-edge and pragmatic solutions with our comprehensive offerings.

Our Vision, Mission and Values


We aim to be a reliable ally to our customers, assisting them to achieve lasting and competitive benefits, through logistics solutions capable of placing their products in the market swiftly, effectively and securely.


Our strength lies in our ability to provide a comprehensive and regional logistics solutions. With many years of combined experience, innovative systems and a team of enthusiastic professionals, we can generate value, innovation, a distinctive offer and help our clients succeed. Be an integral part of our customers’ enterprise, comprehending the industry where they operate, providing the best logistics solutions that fit the requirements of each vertical market (or industry). Build mutually beneficial relationships with employees, partners, suppliers and customers.


Strong Relationships

We promote the connection and we trust in a solid bond between our staff, clients, collaborators and providers.

Active Learning and Expertise

We value the intrinsic value of every person and realize that they have untapped potential. We work as a team to help each employee grow their skills and align them with Inango Investments' objectives. We trust that everyone strives to improve their performance and that they have the ability to do so.


We constantly and actively strive to create systems and techniques that produce value for our clients’ enterprises in line with the recognised needs and opportunities and in an impactful way. Innovation introduces us to new methods and changes and it’s the essential factor for business expansion and evolution.

Gain And Maintain Customers' Trust

Providing a high-standard service, focused on the client and their enterprise, we deliver on our promises to our customers and go beyond their anticipations.

Team Effort and Humility

We value teamwork as a means to achieve high standards of performance, welcoming the diversity of perspectives and opinions, engaging and making all staff accountable for the contribution that their work makes to the organisation as a whole. It is everyone’s duty to help create a friendly and stimulating environment. Success is only possible through outstanding and humble people who collaborate in an open environment and who support learning and growth.

Lead With Enthusiasm

Our approach is founded on the pursuit of constant progress with enthusiasm, resolve, persistence and commitment, turning errors into chances, always aiming to do more and better. Services.