How to Maximise Vehicle Efficiency & Reliability?

Keeping your vehicle in top shape is crucial for any project you take on, as it can make or break your bottom line. Vehicle owners have to deal with many difficulties along the way.

  • Vehicle Reliability
  • Vehicle Uptime

What Spares Can We Provide You?

We can supply a vast range of heavy equipment spare parts from dozens of highly reputable global manufacturers. We have the spares available to meet your needs. What specific spare parts are you looking for?

  • Adjustable Radius Rod
  • Equaliser Rocker
  • Reverse Buzzer
  • Yellow Tape 3M
  • Red Tape 3 M.
  • 19 Amber Light
  • Electrical cabling
  • Bottle Jack 30 Ton
  • Air Bags
  • Front Hanger
  • Z Spring Bush
  • Wheel drums
  • Bearings
  • Relay valve

We offer a range of OEM spare parts from Volvo & Scania including: